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Imageicon has 17 years of experience in Digital / Multimedia projectors

Imageicon is the first company to launch DLP projectors in coimbatore market and first company to sell dlp projectors in entire Tamil Nadu. Imageicon has supplied and maintaining around 6000 and above projectors including DLP Projectors, LCD Projectors, LED Projectors, Laser Projectors.

About Projector:

Digital Projectors or multimedia projectors is widely used for presentations from class rooms to board rooms, portability to public addressing. The projector are available as DLP projector, LCD Projector,LCOS Projector,Laser projector. Input for digital projectors can be from a computer or laptop or even via mobile phone with the support hardware and software. The data or signal from Laptop or desktop is fed as input to the projector via HDMI or VGA Cable.

Selecting a Projector :

The selection of projector depends on the lumens for light output needed on the projected image this is produced by the projection lamp. Generally projectors are selected according the application, room size, size of projected image required which in tern depends on the audience gather and quality of image required for that specific applications. All types of projectors can make light out put in lumens from 1500 Ansilumens to 50000 Lumens. This depends on the output light of the lamp.

Application :

  • For Education in Class room, Training Room, Seminar Hall, Auditorium
  • For Corporate in Board Room , Conference Room , Cafeteria
  • For Hotels in Banquet hall and in Cinema Rooms
  • For HOME Cinema and Profession Cinema Theatres
  • For Museums , Place of Worship, Open Area Projections, Mapping and much more

Types of projectors :

  • LCD Projectors
  • DLP Projector
  • LED Projector
  • LCOS Projector
  • LASER Projectors

Lamp Sources Define the Projector Type :

  • UHP Mercury Lamp
  • Xenon Lamp
  • LED Lamp
  • LASER Light Source

Defining the Projectors technologies :

DLP is Digital Light Processing : DLP is the technology from TEXAS Instruments.DLP Projectors are powered with DLP Chip. The chip has array of tiny micro mirrors which will tilt as per light source to induce a light over the screen. DLP projector has a colour wheel inspite of Panels as in LCD Projectors. This colour wheel rotates at high speed to form the image colour as per the input from source.DLP projectors are available in two variants as Single-Chip (DLP Chip x 1) and Three-Chip (DLP Chip x 3

The price for DLP in india starts from INR 19500 to INR.60 Laksh and above.

Most of the cinema screens are powered with DLP projectors are DLP projectors gives a best quality image and brightness also DLP projectors are free from ghost effect which can be seen in other technology projectors.

LCD Stands for Liquid Crystal Display : In LCD projector light from source is fed thro prism or series of dichroic filters the separates light to Three panels. The three panels are provided to separate the three colours RED, GREEN and Blue in the light passed. The LCD projector are mainly used for data presentations. LCD produces a sharper image which is preferred for data presentations . Wider colour saturation in LCD projectors gives brighter image as if increased in overall brightness

LED Projectors :

LED Projectors are power by LED Lamps. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Generally LED projectors are preferred for longer lamp life which is of 10000 Hours and above. Where as the other type projectors powered with lamps has lamp life span of 2000 Hours to 6000 Hours Maximum. But comparatively Brightness should be compromised over LCD and DLP Projectors as LED Light source is lesser in brightness when compared to projection lamps.

Laser Projectors

Laser Projectors are projectors that create changing laser beams to form images according to the source or input. Laser projectors are catching up faster in the market because of its higher quality image and brightness level. The advantages is better colour and light output than other technology. Laser projectors have a better life than other type of projectors.