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Lighting & Shading


Personalized Light Control

Looking to maximize the potential of your space?

Lighting control solutions from Imageicon helps you improve comfort and productivity and saves energy with easy-to-install solutions to redesign and reconfigure the changing needs of your building.

It is important to use lighting that is appropriate in intensity relative to the space of the building. Also, unoccupied spaces need minimal lighting. Choose to add our intelligent, energy-efficient light controls. Our commercial dimmers are designed to last longer. Upgrading to dimmers not only improves the comfort of your space, but also improves returns on investment.

Centralized Control

Our whole building solutions allow facility managers to conveniently manage both electric light and daylight right from their desktop. Control, configure, monitor and report on the lighting for any space in your building for maximum energy efficiency, comfort and productivity.

Demand Response & Load Shedding

Demand Response is the ability to use load shedding to instantly reduce your energy consumption when desired, usually triggered by a signal or phone call from your utility company. Our solutions allow you to shed a percentage of the system’s lighting output during peak demand, instantly saving energy and leading to reduced electricity rates and rebates from your utility company.

Daylight Control

Whether you want to harvest the energy-saving benefits of daylight sensing or reduce heat gain and glare with automated shades, Imageicon provides many flexible solutions to maximize the efficient control of daylight.